Welcome to my blog. I hope you find some inspiration here!


Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Hi, welcome!  This is my first blog post!  How exciting, right?!  I thought it might be a good start to introduce myself.  My name is Darcy.  I live in New York City and am originally from San Francisco.  Here are ten random things about me:

1. I really like seltzer water, preferably out of a can.  Canada Dry, Seagrams, and La Croix are my favs. 

2. I am a big baseball fan.  The San Francisco Giants are my team and I very much believe in the magic of even years.

3. I have a major sweet tooth, especially for chocolate.

4. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

5. I am half Colombian, but with my fair skin and light hair, it is not that obvious.

6. I am really fascinated, borderline obsessed, with great white sharks.

7. My career path started in photography.  I am pretty good at it, especially shooting on film.

8. I really like fashion, but often don't feel that fashionable.  I'd like to explore my interest in fashion via this blog.

9. I believe in the power of rituals and routine.

10. I love love love books and am constantly reading.  Libraries are my favorite place.  

So, that's a quick intro to me.  I'll be sharing more with you about my life, interests, adventures, struggles, etc.  I'm looking forward to more posts and hope you are too!


1,917 Days in New York City