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A Digital Detox

Technology, you love it, you hate it, or if you are like me, you are stuck somewhere between those two sentiments.  I love that technology has made the world smaller and ideas more accessible.  On the flip side, it can such a distraction, especially social media.  Lately, I have found myself spending too much time on my favorite social media apps, Facebook and Instagram.  In an effort to regain some sanity, I decided to go on a digital detox.  I've been on this detox for two weeks and so far, so good.  If you are interested in taking a tech break here are a few tips to get you started:

1).  Delete Social Media Apps

This first tip is obvious- delete any social media apps from your phone.  For me that was Instagram.  While you are there, delete other apps that you aren't using.  Organize your phone. Try to get everything on one page.  You'll feel more sane and maybe notice less dependency on your phone.

2).  Deactivate Facebook

I didn't have the Facebook app, but I was logging on multiple times a day anyway.  I decided to deactivate my account.  It helps to let family and friends know you are doing this so that they don't think you are personally blocking them.  No joke, I did receive a few emails asking why I was blocking friends.  I had to explain that I was blocking everyone!  Letting family and friends know will also help keep you in the loop of any news or events you might miss while being off Facebook.  

3).  Clean Up your Inbox.  

Go through your inbox and clear away old emails.  This tip might not resonate with everyone, but it has made a big difference for me.  If you didn't respond to an email from a few months ago, let go of the guilt and delete the email.  If you want to save an old email, file it away.  Cleaning up my inbox has felt liberating and I feel more on top of my current electronic communications.  

4).  Unsubscribe from Newsletters and Junk Email

I was receiving so much spam; it was such a distraction!  It was also a let-down to check new messages, only to realize they were junk!  I've started unsubscribing to all spam and newsletters, leaving only a few that I do actually read.  

These are my four tips to get started on a digital detox.  It has helped me open up some time in my day and given me some mental space.  I am not sure how long I'll be off social media, probably not forever, but hopefully when I'm back, I can create a healthier relationship with it.  



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