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It seems like any one who is worth their salt, meditates.  I am very much a meditation dabbler, trying it here and there for a few days, but not committing to a practice, until recently.  I discovered Insight Timer, an app featuring guided meditations and a community of meditators around the globe.  I've been using it for the guided meditation, typically meditating for 6-10 minutes every morning.  

Here are a few of my observations on meditation:

- Meditation is not easy!  While I am in stillness, my mind wanders.  I think about my to do list, my general life worries, what I should eat next, interactions I had, etc.  When I notice this, I try to return to simply concentrating on my breath or focusing on the guided meditation.  

- I thought meditation would bring me enlightening thoughts, but it hasn't!  I am realizing that meditation isn't so much about some kind of breakthrough epiphany, but rather staying present.  When they call meditation a practice, I think that is what they are referring to, the practice of staying present. 

- Sometimes I fall asleep during meditation.  This seems to defeat the purpose of it, but I also wake up feeling refreshed and happy.  It feels nice to just let my body do what it wants to do.  Thankfully, I don't beat myself up over falling asleep.  At least the intention is there and maybe more than anything I need a few extra zzzs.

- It does take a lot of work for me to work it into my schedule.  I have missed a few days.  I am working on making it a daily habit, so far it hasn't completely stuck 100%.

These are my observations thus far on meditating.  I am curious to know where this practice will take me.  Will I have an breakthroughs?  Will I begin to feel more calm?  Will my negative thoughts have less of an effect on me?  I have a feeling I'll find the answers to these questions on the meditation pillow.  


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