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Melania on the Cover of NY Post

The 2016 presidential election has been a heated race up until now and will continue to be so until November.  Typically, I like to keep my political opinions to myself, but I am deeply troubled by Donald Trump's views on immigrants, Muslims, and women.  That being said, I am also upset by today's NY Post cover featuring nude photos of Melania Trump from twenty plus years ago.  The cover appears anti-Trump, but digging up nude photos of Melania is just as derogatory as Trump's statements regarding women.  The Post is shaming Melania and discrediting her abilities to be a first lady.  She is not fit to be first lady because her husband is not qualified to be president.  The publication of the nude photos don't speak to this fact.  The photos highlight the Post's tactless approach to news and sadly demonstrate how women are continually shamed in the media.  

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