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The One Item I Always have in my Purse

There are a few fundamental items I carry in my purse- my keys, my wallet, lipstick... and a small notebook I've named the Dream List.  In this notebook I jot down all the places I'd like to visit, the artistic projects I'd like to create, and projects I'd like to complete in my lifetime.  A few items I currently have listed are: go whale watching, learn to surf, visit Nova Scotia, see the Aurora Borealis, and start a blog.  I recently checked that one of the list, yay!  

I noticed that often when I was out and about, I would have musings of things I would like to do.  Some of these ideas would continually revisit me, ie whale watching.  I decided to put these thoughts down on paper, make a bucket list of sorts.  Instead of bouncing around in my head, these dreams can live in the Dream List notebook.  A lot of the ideas are grand and I'm not putting the pressure on myself to check them off quickly.  Having this list reminds me that there is so much to experience in life and that I have many dreams.  I hope to check off as many as possible in my lifetime, but even beyond that, I never want to forget to really experience life.  

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