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My New Beauty Regimen

My usual makeup routine is pretty simple.  I usually wear an eye cream to hide my dark undereye circles, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick or lip balm.  This summer, however, I've taken up a new beauty philosophy- no makeup at all!  It has not been a difficult transition as I really didn't wear that much makeup to begin with.  I made the exception for lipstick because lipstick is fun.  

I was inspired by Alicia Keys, who recently has gone completely makeup free.  She looks amazing without it!   She writes about her decision to go makeup-less in Lenny Letter and it is worth a read.  She also shared with the TODAY show, "I believe this is the time of the woman.  The definitive moment when we get to uncover the ideals that have been placed upon us and be who we are, as we are, in all our beauty, depth, and complexity.  For me, not wearing much makeup is a metaphor for that."  She presents the idea of taking off the mask, being real, and I love her for it.  

I haven't noticed any significant changes in my life since going makeup-less, but it has been refreshing nonetheless.  I do think I spend less time considering myself in the mirror in the mornings.  Maybe going makeup free has given me back a few more minutes of time.  Also, I've taken up drinking more water as a beauty routine; my skin seems happier when I'm more hydrated.  I don't think this is a permanent change, like everything, there is a time and place for makeup, but it does feel nice to care a little less about it.  


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