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Summer Heat

The recent temperatures here on the east coast have been sweltering.  What I wouldn't do for some coastal California fog!  When I first moved to New York from San Francisco, I was worried about the summer humidity, how I would handle it, if I could handle it!  I was more worried about this than about finding a job, making friends, navigating this crazy metropolis.  It seems though, that I have managed to survive, even finding small joys in the oppressive heat, like trips to the beach, Mr. Softees ice cream, and outdoor movie screenings.  

The heat and humidity have also taught me a few lessons:

-First off, I instantly sweat the minute I step outside and it is over 80 degrees.  I used to be embarrassed by my sweat, but I've gotten over it.  It's hot and my body is trying its best to cool me down.  I appreciate the effort and in a show of gratitude, drink plenty of water.  Plus, everyone else is sweaty too.

-Even if it is hot and humid outside, I can't stay indoors all day.  There is such a thing as cabin fever and it makes me crazy.  Plus fun things happen in the summer- rooftop bars are open, free concerts in the park happen, outdoor flea markets and food festivals beg my presence.  Good times are had in the summer, no doubt about it.

-The subway platforms are miserably hot.  I mentally will the train to come as fast as it can so that I can find relief in its air conditioned cars.  I learned a lesson though a few summers ago that too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.  I had been at the beach most of the day, taking a surfing lesson.  It was so much fun!  I boarded the train to go home, in slightly damp clothes.  At first, the air conditioning felt so good!  It was a long train ride home, however, and after a while I actually started to feel a chill from the ac.  I had no sweater and by the time I returned home, I had developed a full blown, nasty cold that laid me up in bed for a few days.  I love air conditioning, but in moderation.  

The heat and humidity have been relentless this last week, but summer is slowly winding down. Admittedly, I am counting down til fall and am obsessively looking at the forecast to see when/if the lows will start to dip into the blessed 60 degree range.  Until fall's arrival, I'm gonna sweat as much as possible and embrace all that summer has left to offer..

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