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Revisiting Swimming

Yesterday I went swimming for 45 minutes.  Today my body feels it; I'm exhausted and sore!  I am good at swimming as a result of practicing every Tuesday and Thursday from ages eight to fourteen.  I was on the Little Seals swim team, a non-competitive squad for kids.  Practice ran for two hours, a concept that currently boggles my mind given how my body feels today after less than an hour of pool time yesterday.  Despite my fatigue, I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of returning to the pool.  I stopped swimming when I entered high school and swam sporadically in college at the university's recreational center.  Basically, it's been, about 12 years since I've swam.  

It is cool to be reuniting with my long lost swimming abilities.  I like that swimming is social, you're always sharing a lane with someone, yet it's also solitary.  As a kid, this solitude gave me the space to think.  I did my most serious thinking in the pool, a statement that makes me laugh out loud given that I had child concerns.  I guess, even at that young age, my mind was cluttered with thoughts.  Swimming was a form of meditation for me.  I believe that is why I've come back to it.  I love that I can think without interruptions in the pool.  When I finished my workout last night, I felt spent, but in a good way.  My body felt relaxed and my mind felt clear.  It was a good feeling.  It feels satisfying to be back in the pool.



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