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In my therapy session this week, a question came up… what does it mean to be a woman?  I wrote the poem below to try and answer this question.


Is it our hair?

Or clothes?

Or boobs?

Having babies? Raising children? Running households?

Is it a manicure or bikini wax?

Is it the number on the scale? Or the number of check ins at the gym?

Is it being in a relationship… or not?

Is it shaving legs and wearing heels?

Is it being a nurturer, or people-pleaser, or perfectionist?


No.  None of that is being a woman.  Feminine.  

What is feminine?


Yes to birthing babies and raising children… and to much more…

Artistic endeavors.

Manifesting dreams.

Conversations, laughter, tears.


Unleashing all emotions even if they are undefined.

Holding space for oneself and others, as needed.

That is the feminine.  

I am still feeling out this question of womanhood and the feminine.  I am only scratching the surface.  There is a deeper and more spiritual revelation as I journey on with this question in my heart of what it means to be a woman.

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