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The State of Personal Power

I recently read a beautiful idea called the State of Personal Power.  Here is the quote by the author Patricia Evans:

"Let us imagine that there is a state of being in which one experiences clarity, serenity, integrity, and autonomy.  This state of being provides one with a sense of inner security, purpose, and meaning.  This state of being is called 'The State of Personal Power,' and the knowledge of being in that state is called the knowledge of being centered.'"

I am drawn to the state of personal power and it's promotion of self-sufficiency.  I do not need to look beyond myself to experience clarity, serenity, integrity, or autonomy.  And each of these states is available to me at any moment by simply deciding so.  

When reading this passage, I felt struck by the sense that I lack most in autonomy.  Do I govern my thought patterns and belief system?  From what perspective do I make decisions?  What are the positive or negative influences in my life?  These are big questions that I am tackling (hello, therapy!), but I also feel relief knowing that staying in the present moment, though challenging, is the way to enhance autonomy and ultimately keep me in the treasured state of personal power.

Bu-Bye, 2016!

In The Midst of Change