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Bu-Bye, 2016!

Happy New Year!  I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you!  As I look to the year ahead, I can’t help, but feel the blessings of 2016.  I landed a job with DirecTV that I am enjoying immensely, started practicing yoga, rekindled old friendships, took fun classes in the textile arts, and continued a deeper journey of self love via therapy.  2016 was filled with much personal success for me.    

Yet, I feel conflicted by 2016.  The year seemed filled with disappointing moments.  We discovered that our nation is deeply divided, witnessed devastation across the globe, and mourned the loss of many great icons.  But, I don’t want to say that 2016 was a terrible year.  Beyond my own achievements, many friends welcomed babies, got married, landed new career opportunities, and had their own journeys towards self acceptance.  2016 is a big mix of emotions.

2016 cannot be labeled simply good or bad, but rather as a year of opportunity.  We have the opportunity to continue nurturing the good in our lives- family, careers, self-acceptance.  And we also have the chance to sift through the bad events to discover new ways of being.  As a result of the disappointments of 2016, I’ve learned that helping in small ways makes a difference, voting every four years is not enough to be politically involved, and listening is vital to human connection.  Maybe 2016 cannot yet be defined as good or bad because it is a test; a test to see how we, as a society, can take these opportunities for change and grow into a more accepting and loving world.  May we all grab onto the opportunities presented to us in 2017!


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