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Don't Ignore the Elephant

I don't really consider myself a political person and I didn't start this blog to wax on about politics, but it is increasingly difficult to ignore the elephant in the room... or rather on the national stage.  I watched last week's presidential debates and cringed through the entire airing.  I can't believe our political system has disintegrated into this spectacle.  Well, actually I take that back... I can believe that it has come to this.  The media is hungry for top ratings, we live in a culture that revers reality stars, and the GOP would rather win the next four/eight years than protect the freedoms and ethos of this country.  The whole thing is honestly sickening.  

In November I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.  She is not perfect, but I believe she has the experience and capabilities to do the job.  I am also voting for her because to vote for the alternative is to discredit one of my core beliefs- that at the end of the day, we all simply want to be love and accepted for who we are, no matter our gender, race, age, class, sexuality, and any other identity.  Can't this election be that simple, that our society stands for acceptance?  I do not understand voting for someone who literally screams insults about various groups of our society.  I beg any one reading this post to carefully consider your personal beliefs and ask yourself which candidate aligns with your values.  Our society is not perfect, we have many issues and divides to bridge, but in this election we have to declare that we will move towards unity instead of away from it.  


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