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How I've Been Spending My Evenings (*Hint* New Hobby Alert)

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 My writing has been missing in action for a few weeks now, but for good reason.  I’ve picked up a new hobby, Ukrainian embroidery.  Yes, you read that correctly, Ukrainian embroidery.  Last year I took an embroidery class at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn and a student in that class raved about an embroidery class she was taking at the Ukrainian Museum in Manhattan.  Curious, I signed up for the class last Fall.  I enrolled again this winter and I am obsessed with it!  The class is taught by a lovely Ukrainian woman, Lubow, who has embroidered since the age of 4 (!!!).  The beginners in the class work on a sampler (a sampler showcases various stitches).  I finished my first sampler a few weeks ago and have started a second one.  I practice in the evenings after work and on weekends.  This is my first new hobby in a long time.
     Do people have hobbies any more?  I looked up the definition of hobby- “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” according to Google.  I’ve always been an avid reader and Giants baseball fan so I guess those count as hobbies.  But something about embroidery feels more definitively a hobby.  It is rewarding to make something with my hands and see the progress of my work.  It is also so refreshing to participate in a pursuit that requires zero technology.  
     I wonder if my generation lacks hobbies.  Prior to the embroidery class, the activities I did in my spare time were a means to an end- staying in shape, making money, networking.  It is a welcome change to make something simply for the sake of being creative, with no end goal in mind.  Thoughts such as “I should make and sell pillows/linens/wall-hangings” have popped into my mind while embroidering.  Maybe I will one day, but for now it feels so lovely to create for the joy of it.  Also, it is so fulfilling to have an activity that does not require a computer screen.  I wonder if Facebook, Instagram, the Internet as a whole have damaged the pursuit of a hobby.  I know for myself, prior to picking up this craft, I was spending more of my evenings in front a screen.  
     So, that is where I have been if you’ve been wondering about my blog absence- off embroidering like a madwoman, as silly as that sounds.  I’d love to hear if you have an hobbies that are tech free!  

Thanks for reading!

PS- You can check out my two samplers here and here and here.

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