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Peaceful Warrior Mind

Recently, I've been looking for ways to improve my life- waking up half an hour early to work out or write, drinking less caffeine and eating less sugar, making more money... I feel there are a lot of ways I could fine tune my life.  I like self improvement, but sometimes I hedge on it because I can feel down if I'm not actually making strides.  There is that negative loop that can start playing in my mind.  But, lately I've been wondering if there is an underlying, secondary voice in my mind.

I've decided that there are actually two voices in my mind, that negative voice, chiding me for not accomplishing and a more quiet voice of motivation.  I noticed this while working out.  I like using the Nike Training Club app to do strength workouts.  I notice that if I am telling myself, "This sucks, I can't do it" I am much more apt to scale back on the effort or even stop.  A "You can do it, Darcy" gives me that little extra nudge.  The shift can happen in work scenarios too.  I notice that asking myself "What's the worst that can happen?" as opposed to my more standard "I don't want to do this" feels a little more supportive.  

I've read so many self help books and articles that delve into the idea of the monkey mind, that negative voice in our head.  I definitely know that the monkey mind is true for me, but I also believe in that secondary voice.  I've decided to name that motivational voice the peaceful warrior mind (I've been doing a lot of yoga recently).  That voice is strong and calm and propels me forward.  I can't tune into both monkey mind and peaceful warrior at the same time, so it seems that the key is to choose peaceful warrior more often.  It seems easier said than done, but I am also wondering if it really could be that simple, to choose to listen to the supportive voice in your mind as much as possible.

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