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I Don't Want to Date

So, one day I'd like to get married, but in the meantime I don't feel like dating.  I was struggling with this opposition in therapy this week.  I told my therapist that I didn't feel like monitoring another online profile, going to single events, or having friends introduce me to single guys.  I lamented that I felt shut off from the fun of dating and that I felt badly about that.  She pointed out that it sounded like I was making dating a should (read #2 here).  I am not sure why dating feels like a should for me.  No one is pressuring me to date or giving me a bad time about being single.  But it does feel that being 34 and single, I should be out there trying to meet someone, especially if I want to one day be married.  

The pressure I feel is both from my internal judgements and from society (I love blaming society :)).  We live in an age were women are more free to be single and childless, but I have to admit that, though I am grateful for that freedom, I am still catching up to it.  I think as a child it was more socially impressed upon me that I would probably be married and having children in my twenties.  And since I haven't landed on that path, I am asking myself, "What's wrong with me?"  

I keep circling around these contrary feelings- wanting to be married and not wanting to date, celebrating new feminist ideals and yet also wanting some amount of the traditional path- and I've ultimately decided nothing is wrong with me for having these conflicting ideals.  It helps me to step back and ask the big question- do I like my life even if I am sometimes confused, fearful, and hesitant?  Mostly the answer is yes.  I'm living my life day by day and learning new ways to accept myself.  I like to tell myself it is all a work in progress, even if it doesn't make sense.

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