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More Of This Please

I'm not sure what it was about this past weekend, but it was such a perfect one for me.  Maybe it was the gorgeous, just right warm weather.  Or maybe it was seeing the leaves changing from green to oranges, reds, and yellows.  Maybe it was the embroidery class I took on Saturday, reminding me how much I like working with threads and how my mind clears away while counting stitches.  Maybe it was taking a stroll after class to Billy's Bakery for a delish red velvet cupcake.  Maybe it was enjoying a long stroll with a friend on Sunday, followed by the most amazing brunch in Harlem.  I'm sure that all of these activities contributed to the perfect weekend.  Relaxing on Sunday night, I felt so content and happy and that feeling has spilled into the work week.  Last night, a coworker brought me as a guest to her yoga class.  Today, I took a nice long walk at lunch and then randomly stumbled upon a wine tasting post work (wine?! yes please!).  I keep quietly praying, "More of this, please, more of this feeling."  

It is so easy for me to be lost in my head, thinking about the things that may be lacking in my life (ie- where is my dream boyfriend?  how do I earn more money?  how do I find more time?), but this past weekend reminded me that life can be so wonderful if I just relax and participate in it.  

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