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Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  In the spirit of the holiday, I am listing out five specific gratitudes:


1). Therapy. 

I’ve touted therapy several times on this blog and I will say that it has been such an incredible, eye-opening, at times scary, process.  It has given me a deeper understanding of myself and how to move towards being a better version of myself.  I feel lucky to have a wonderful therapist who helps me bring my inner turmoil out in the open.  


2). Yoga with Adriene.

Several weeks ago, I typed in “yoga” on YouTube and was led to the “Yoga with Adriene” channel.  I started doing the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and LOVE it!  Adriene’s vibe is friendly, encouraging, and fun.  She has many videos beyond the 30 Day Challenge and they are all free.  How generous is that?  I highly recommend it, even if you have never done yoga before.


3). My embroidery class.

This fall, I enrolled in an embroidery class at the Ukrainian Museum.  I’ve always been interested in learning and the class offered the perfect opportunity.  The class was weekly, on Saturdays, and I really looked forward to it all week.  The women I met were so kind and the teacher had such a lovely and joyful disposition.  The class also fueled a new area of creativity for me.  I am now obsessed with this craft and can’t wait to sign up for the next session starting in January.


4). My health. 

Do you ever stop and think how amazing it is to walk?  Or run?  Or even think?  Our bodies are astonishing in their capacity to move, function, and heal.  I’m learning how to be more in tune with my body and take better care of it.  I don’t take my health for granted.  


5). Readers of this blog.

I am thankful for everyone that reads this blog and has commented or written me a message in response to posts.  Some of the posts have been scary to publish and I am grateful for readers that are generous in their insights and opinions.  It motivates me to write more meaningful content.


 Finally, I’d also like to mention that I am extremely grateful for my family and friends!  This goes without saying, but it is always worth saying regardless.   


I’d love to hear what you are thankful for as we kickoff Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday!

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