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The Best Person I Ever Knew

I was going to write about the election and my thoughts on it, but honestly, I feel burned out on it.  I’ve been thinking about it all week, what caused this shocking outcome, what to do about it, and how it has changed me as a person.  It is a major wake-up call to not rest easy in ignorance of politics, other people’s perspectives, or assumptions. 

But, I’m also exhausted by the election.  I need a breather to digest it all. Does anyone else feel this way?  How are you dealing with it?  Some activities that have helped me are yoga, embroidery (I’m taking a class), and journaling.

It also helps me to think about one of the best humans I ever met, Jacob Alexander.  Jake, dubbed the king of Golden Gate Park, walked the length of the park from his Haight-Asbury home every day for years.  On his walk, he befriended every person he encountered, no matter their age, race, gender, or other qualifying descriptor; he was legit friends with everyone.  He embodied kindness, humor, and openness and I genuinely feel lucky to have known him.  He is my model of how to be a good person, being authentic, unapologetically himself, and kind to everyone around him.  Jake passed away several years ago and I know had he lived to see this election outcome, he would’ve been horrified and pissed.  

I could continue to sing Jake’s praises in writing, but I think it’s more worthwhile to share Katie Payne’s (of That Girl Katie Design) video, documenting Jake’s daily walks and his philosophies on life.  I hope this video offers a bit of positivity and inspiration for you- https://vimeo.com/35594225


Relief and Grief