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My Vision Board For All To See

My Vision Board For All To See


So, a few months ago, a friend came to my apartment. Okay, really it was a love interest, but I digress. He had never been to my apartment, so I gave him a tour which included my bedroom which featured my recently hung vision board. His visit was not planned and when I offered him a tour, I totally forgot that my vision board was on full display. Truthfully, if I had known he would be coming over, I would have taken it down beforehand. I didn't want to explain to him what  vision board was and reveal my woo woo side. And I didn't want him to see my dreams, aspirations, and heroes. But there he was, in my bedroom, looking at it, asking, "What is this?"

And, I, with all the attempt in the world to not demonstrate my nerves, answered, "A vision board. My vision board. Basically all my dreams and aspirations." His response was pretty funny, "Is this some kind of Oprah thing?" (And how perfect since Oprah is very much featured on my vision board. "Yea, kinda," I replied.  He stood and stared at it and the longer he looked at it, the less nervous I got. Who cares if he sees my dreams? Actually, why shouldn't he, especially if I was interested in dating him?

This experience has swirled in my mind for a few months and I decided to push this even further and publicly share my vision board. It's a big ole hodge podge of things. In no particular order, here are some of my dreams:

-an amazing man to call my husband.

-travel to Costa Rica, Italy, and Hawaii.

-work that I care about.

-flying first class.

-having fun making money.


-seeing orcas.

-selling my embroidery as art.

-fitness that is fun and recreational.

I'm pushing myself to share more of my perspective on social media cause I have stuff to say! If you've read this far, thank you! Than you for caring about my dreams. And I wanna hold space for yours too. So, please feel free to tell me some of your aspirations either in the comments or through my contact form. I want this to be an opportunity to share desires and offer support.




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