The Story Behind the Portrait #5

In Which Everything Isn’t Perfect


This week, I want to get personal and share my struggles with perfectionism when it comes to my photography.

This photo has been living on a hard drive for 10 years. You wanna know the dumb reason why? You can't see her feet! Yes, that is correct. I've tucked away this photo from public eyes because her feet aren't visible. I had an instructor in art school who was so critical of photos that cropped into parts of the body. I definitely hear his voice in my head asking, "Where are her feet???"

Well, you know what, her feet are standing in tall grass! If you saw her feet, she'd be floating and that would look weird!

Truthfully, there are some technical problems with this photo. I shot straight into the sun, causing the sky to look white. Her face is difficult to read because of this issue.

Despite the missing feet and difficult lighting, I like the shot. I worked with a stylist on this shoot and loved the clothing she chose. I also love the color of the grass and how she has her hands placed on the jacket. And, the motivation for this shoot was practice and having fun. Both were accomplished.

So, it is high time to debut this photo. I took it in the Marin Headlands (outside SF) and worked with a fantastic stylist, make-up artist, and model.

I'm so curious to know if there is some area of your life where perfectionism creeps in. Feel free to reply back to this email, if you'd like to share (your response will only be seen be me).

ps- And even the pros aren't perfect.