The Story Behind the Portrait #7


How is everyone doing? Feel free to reply back and let me know how you are! Did you have a good week?

I am VERY inspired by location. A space can add extra layers of storytelling to a shoot. In art school, I started photographing spaces that I found interesting, just for fun.

This location is personal to me. It is my brother's old bedroom. It says a lot about him, without him even needing to be in the shot. He's a music fan, he reads books, he's been to the Netherlands (the flag with the 3 Xs represents Utrecht). It is a portrait without the person.

And just like people, spaces can change over time. I took this photo ten years ago, and since then, this room has drastically changed due to renovations and redecorations. It hardly looks like this anymore.

My brother has always very much been into music. He has played guitar for years. I also love music and in that spirit, I created a playlist for you! The theme is photography. You can play it here.

I'm guessing not everyone has Spotify, so the playlist is below as well:

Picture- Sheryl Crow + Kid Rock
F-Stop Blues- Jack Johnson
Fotografia- Juanes
Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Cameras- Wiz Khalifa
I Turn My Camera On- Spoon
Kodachrome- Paul Simon
Hey Ya!- Outkast

I had a lot of fun creating this playlist and hope you enjoy it!